I’m Melissa.
I have been looking at life through the lens of a camera
for the last 10 years, sometimes for fun, sometimes for hire,
but always for the joy of capturing something unpredictable and fleeting.
An artist I know says that when she works on a piece and she thinks it’s going well,
she’ll pull out her camera and take a photograph.
It’s in viewing the image in that context that she can recognize what works and what doesn’t.
I well understand this. Life, through the camera lens truly makes sense.
Photography has a way of distilling events, emotions, people and places
into a perfect sip of the truth of this, right here, just now.

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Reflecting this, my mission is to capture for you, the best of life’s fleeting moments.
All of life’s moments are fleeting, but having a photograph that says,
I was here, I loved, I laughed, I mattered, makes those moments
stand out with heart stopping clarity against the background
of moments that are gone like smoke in the wind.
The best moments in life can no more be pinned down than you can
step on a shadow and make it stay.
But a photo can do that.
It is a precious reminder of something good and beautiful but… passed.

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This is the therefore of my business name.
Today the term “bespoke” more commonly refers to custom,
commissioned clothing but it wasn’t always so.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines “bespoke” as “well spoken of”.
The leap to a photography business name is shorter than you’d think.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the many things it speaks of.
In the pixels of a photograph is captured, the feelings and emotions deep in the
heart and soul, sometimes too complex even to put into words, but those things
that speak of family, love, home and gratitude, and the connections that make us human.

Why should you hire me?
In short, because your best life moments matter to me.
I can and want to create for you the ART that is your life,
from the messy but real, here and now, to the beautifully attired
and composed events that reflect the joy in the best life has to offer.
Skinned knees, the glint of a happy tear in Grandma’s eye,
all the moments that say life is good and I never want to forget this.

Photo By: Honey Couture Photography