I have been falling in love lately with journalistic style at-home sessions.
Especially when the family is as sweet at this one and the aura of the home is a peaceful, welcoming one.
Babies that are not first babies have the ability to bring a calm, tranquility to a home.
That seems opposite of what you’d think right?
But I am observing, in this wonderful thing I get to call my job(!) that
parents of 3rd babies understand how fleeting these first days,
weeks and months actually are and they have learned not to sweat the small stuff.
Which makes for a beautifully relaxed photo shoot.
Capturing a family in their home environment is always magical and this time was no exception.
To be invited into their family cocoon for everything from the snuggles and
smiles… even the tears… is a gift of trust I don’t take lightly.
Monica and Jamie were so warm and gracious to share this precious time with me.
Welcome to the world baby Forrest! xo

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