Andrew & Perla were married on the first Saturday in April
at Andrew’s family’s home,
under majestic, century old oaks,
and surrounded by their families and best friends.

I remember years ago when we were all kids, our family would go visit this family and
my three brothers and these three brothers would get into all kinds of shienanigans.
Then all of a sudden they all grew up.
And somehow, this bratty little 14 year old who once thought it would be a good idea for he and his friends
to spin around in circles with hands extended until all the blood rushed to their fingertips,
and then whack each others purple extremities with pine boughs until they bled,
has grown into a fine young man.
A kind, loving, attentive and considerate person, and as a result
he’s snagged the sweetest little bride.

A + P’s families are full of so much love and kindness,
it’s clear why these two have become incredible humans.
I am once again so honoured to have been able to capture this
portion of their journey and this enormously special
time in so many people’s lives. To be able to witness that
rare emotion of a father handing over his daughter
and a mother watching her son make another woman his forever-
it’s just all the feels and I simply love it.

Andrew & Perla I wish you guys
days that merge into years together,
small moments- hard and easy-
but moments that send down roots of love.

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location // bellville, tx
dress // weddings by debbie
hair // victoria goodwin
groom’s attire // marco viali
floral // blooming wild flowers
cake // brenham olde town bakery
caterers // tiffany ainsworth