Oct 13, 2014

This girl: Dime.

How do I describe her? Ok, if she were a shipping and mailing product…? Do I even have to say it? Obviously she would be bubble wrap.

Berkley was such a cinch to work with. I did not have to lift a single finger. Other than my shutter finger. And that’s not to say I don’t love directing a shoot or posing a subject but when you can just say “ok, look perfect now” and it happens…? Well ya, I’m not opposed to that either.

Seriously. Bubble wrap, I tell ya.

Thanks for making my job way too easy, B. xo

Makeup: Alexa Arenburg

IMG_2357IMG_2368IMG_2317  IMG_2067 IMG_2052 IMG_2072 IMG_2153 IMG_2118 IMG_2160 IMG_2101 IMG_2171 IMG_2169 IMG_2190 IMG_2210 IMG_2195 Untitled-1 IMG_2418 Untitled-2