What are summer afternoons made for?
Cuddles on a hammock with watermelon spritzers and blueberry tarts?
Sure, yup. That works for me.
Kristin & Brandon’s engagement session was all of that AND a bag of chips.
(except, deduct the chips)

I’ve had this pretty, white hammock that I’d been wanting to use in a shoot
since forEVER and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
We hauled out a couple wood pallets, threw down a plethora of comfy pillows
and turned a boring front yard into a romantic, cozy hideaway.
A cozy hideaway in which I would have, with very little convincing,
hunkered down and lived for the rest of my days.

You know the perfectly styled scenes on the Bachelorette
where they feature way too much pillow and way too little intelligent conversation?
Yeah… pretty sure the B set stylist would have approved of this.
And somehow we managed to shoot the entire session without
getting kicked off our friendly random farmer’s property! Bonus!

B&K, you and your adorable dogs have a happy, happy life ahead of you… I can feel it!


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