What began as a grad session for Chase, turned into a joint grad session for Chase and Kea, and a couple session for Kea and Jeremy, but also some friend photos of the moms and a few mother-daughter and mother-son photos thrown in for good measure. It was a riot.

The Saguaro Hotel has a plethora of unique, brightly coloured designs and decor; everywhere there’s something interesting to look at.. or touch.. and photograph, of course. Trust me guys, it was a struggle keeping my ADD in check. (Look, a cactus. This phone. Ok, photo time. Ooh, cool fountain. Have I told you about my gerbil?)

And these cats were the coolest. They were fun, fresh and FABulous, obvs., and this was another one of those sessions that flew by and then all of a sudden I realized I was getting sun blisters from being out too long. Ya, I know, ew.

Umm, glitter and puppies and pretty things.

Congrats to you two rad kids. I know you’ll do well because I’ve met your families and that is your support system.
So when things get rough… remember: your Mom is just a phone call away ;)
Also, TimTams dipped in milk take away a lot of stress!

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