A few weeks ago my lovely fellow photog friend
asked me to join her for a styled shoot at the Carnival,
and because I’m 32 on the outside
but still 12 on the inside,
I did a little happy dance and then
responded with a HECK yes!

It was perfection.

I mean, first of all… the models!
Sanita & Constantine are so adorable.
You guys? This is what 2 years into marriage should look like.
In their minds they’re still in high school,
canoodling by the lockers and stealing study hall kisses,
just substitute the study hall for an amusement park :D

Secondly, the models!
Oh, wait… did I mention that already?
But seriously. C + S are from Croatia
and completely fit the part.
There’s something romantic and care-free
about anything foreign and these two were that, 100%.

We spent the afternoon eating various
forms of sugar and deep fried foods,
riding rides, playing games and winning prizes.
Sidenote- how is a poo emoji hat not the best prize ever…!?

It was a good time.

C+S- you two are ‘relationship goals’ at its finest.