I’m so glad to have met this family earlier this summer
when we did our Forest Tea Party styled shoot.
Britt is an amazing mom and a beautiful person, inside and out.
She + Luke have already brought into the world a delightful and inquisitive
little girl with wide eyes that miss nothing!
And now they’re about to produce a completely different but
equally enchanting sibling for her.

Emersyn + I became buds again pretty quick.
I mights look 31 but you know I’m only 10 on the inside.
So obviously searching for cool rocks and collecting
helicopter leaves was high on our priority list.

And, of course Britt + Emersyn’s fashion game was on point as always.
Those matching hats? Reason enough right there, to create small humans, I say.
But their mother-daughter connection went way beyond their cute hats.
They are already well on their way to enjoying girl’s spa days, mother-daughter trips
and all that bonds a girl and her mama.

And then this little girl and her daddy. I can’t even.
Excuse me while I get a tissue.

Britt + Luke – your love for each other + your family + your little growing bean,
is the stuff of happy endings, but with this next stage is another new beginning.
I wish for you all the joy your hearts can hold.
Thank you for letting me document this phase of your journey.
And to Emersyn- thank you for reminding me that the wonders
of the world are in a child’s eyes. xo

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