Oct 06, 2014
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I met up with this family a couple weeks ago at the Edmonton Corn Maze. Much to our (my) dismay, we rolled up to a giant closed sign, even though the website said they would be open! So being the responsible adults we are, we decided to hop the fence. I mean… we totally called and got permission and paid full price and there was no fence jumping at all. (there was)

I love love LOVED this session…  Scott and Lori have been friends of the family for years but I’ve never really gotten to know the girls. Abigail, Naomi, Sarah and Ariana are each their own little seperate package of joyful adolescent fun. Their charismatic personalities had me wanting to put down the camera and just sit and talk about like, boys, an Facebook and stuff.

And Sadie! Isn’t she the cutest!? She fits right into the family and is probably one of the more spoiled dogs out there. I love including all pets in sessions, but dogs are kinda more fun. They add an element of intimacy that I love to capture. Thanks again guys, you killed it. xo

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