If you mistook this shoot for a scene in an adorable romantic comedy, complete with meet-cute and slow dance in the rain, it wouldn’t be your fault.
This session had it all.

We started in Anne & Dylan’s chic apartment overlooking downtown Edmonton
and is situated above Credo, (incidentally, one of the city’s best coffee shops).
As they relaxed with a glass of wine, they told me about when they met.
Anne had butterflies in her stomach as she walked
downstairs and across the street to meet Dylan for the first time.
Little did she know it wouldn’t be long before he would completely win her heart
and ask her to be his forever.

They told the story of their proposal….Anne hates golf so Dylan chose to propose to her on a golf course. Lol, because, men. Right?


Just as we headed outside to finish up the session,
the skies opened up and unapologetically dumped the equivalent of
the red sea down onto us, which was awesome.
These two though – they truly could not have more perfectly finished this session,
as they let go of everything and simply enjoyed
each other and the moment they were in.
It made capturing their love so easy and so SO rewarding.
Thank you again A & D.
I can’t wait to document the continuation of your love story.

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