Engagement Session Questions

What should I wear to the engagement Session?
Visit my Pinterest board for ideas of what to wear to your session!

When will we receive our photos?
The entire photo set is delivered 1-2 weeks from your session date.

What is a Bridal Session?
If the thought of never putting that beautiful dress on again just tears you up inside, a Bridal Session could be just the thing for you. Bridal Sessions are not about trashing your beautiful gown but about creating dramatic, stylish, creative images in locations that wouldn’t be possible on your wedding day. Think of a bridal fashion shoot, unhurried and without the pressures and worries of your wedding day and add loads of fun into the mix. Professional hair and make up can also be added to your package to make you even more gorgeous.

Newborn Photography Questions

Do you offer sessions for older babies?
Yes! After the newborn stage of 5-14 days I book 4 month to one year mini sessions.

When is the best time to book my newborn photos?
The best time to book is before baby arrives! I suggest contacting me while still pregnant to ensure there is a spot available! Typically I am booking 3-4 months in advance.

What is the best age to photograph my newborn?
The best age to photograph a newborn is between 5-14 days following birth. During this time frame babies are more likely to sleep soundly when being re positioned, and they still have that beautiful baby “curl” we all love to see in photos!

What if my baby is more than 14 days old and I want to book a session?
If your little one was born premature, we can often stretch this window of time later than if your baby was born at full gestation. If your baby was not born premature, but is over 14 days old please contact me and we can discuss if newborn portrait photography is a good fit for you and your baby. Babies over the age of two weeks have more awake time, wake much easier when being repositioned, and generally don’t sleep as soundly as their “younger” counterparts.

I have older children who I would like photographed with my newborn. Can you accommodate this?
Yes! I ask that if you wish to have siblings photographed with your newborn, that you let me know prior to the session. These photos are done at the beginning of the session, and someone must be available to watch your child/children following these photos. Please keep in mind that although I will attempt sibling poses, this is not the focus of a newborn session. Please do not set expectations high for young children, as they often have difficulty following direction and are uncomfortable holding their new sibling.

I would like to be photographed with my newborn. Is this possible?
Yes! I am always happy to do posing with mom/baby, dad/baby, as well as mom/dad/baby. Please let me know prior to the session.

I have an older child and/or grandparents and would like family photos done with my newborn session. Is this possible?
Unfortunately I am not able to accommodate this. Because I only work with newborn to one year my shooting area is on the smaller side. I do not have the space to accommodate a full family set up. However, I am happy to schedule a family session 6 or more months after your baby is born.

How soon will I be able to see my photos?
I aim for a turn around time of 1-2 weeks. You will receive an e-mail with a link to your online gallery. You are free to share the gallery with family and friends so they may also view your photos! This gallery will stay active for 6 months.

General Questions

How did your childhood prepare you for this job today (a.k.a why should I let you photograph me and what are your credentials)?
Growing up, my parents were constantly documenting everything from family trips to small occurrences of the every-day life. My mom is a scrapbooker and would create an album of memories for every year of my childhood. One of my favourite things to do is go back and look through these albums and reminisce of younger days. This has caused me to realize the importance of capturing memories and these fleeting moments of every-day life.

I have attended several workshops, conferences and mentorships over the last 8 years of being in photography. These include a 10 day Rocky Mountain School of Photography workshop, a 3 day Wethreeworkshops with 3 incredibly talented local photographers as well as 3 WPPI conferences including several seminars instructed by world renowned photographers.

What kind of photography do you offer?
While I focus on wedding photography, I also offer everything from newborn, family, couple, portrait, boudoir and event photography.

What is the Bespoke referral and loyalty program?

Referral Program

If you’ve had a session or wedding with me and LOVE your photos please refer me to your friends and family!  When a client mentions your name and completes a session or wedding with me-you will receive rewards!

For every NEW client that books a session, you’ll earn the following credits:

• If they book a single session, you get a $25 print credit (for past or future sessions)
 or $20 off digital package
• If they book a wedding, you get a free session, $100 print credit (for past or future sessions), or $80 off digital package

If you want business cards to hand out, please let me know!
You may also share via Facebook and email.

*All new client sessions must be completed before the reward can be used

Loyalty Program

Thank you for being a returning client!   Each time you book another session you will always receive a $30 print credit towards any session OR $15 off a digital package!

Do you have any specials on right now?
Specials change with every holiday and season. Click here to view this month’s current promotion.

What is your photographic style?
In my mind, the mark of a brilliant photographer is one who can create images that emphasize relationship and moment.
There is a beautiful, endearing human being within each of us just longing to be seen by the world. Capturing our true selves and personal stories helps the viewer feel something deep and familiar, whether they know the person in the photograph or not.
A challenge I face as a photographer is finding the balance between making emotive images vs. perfectly posed and smiling images. Especially because I know that posed images are generally more sellable.
Although the OCD side of me wants the posed, my artistic side knows that’s superficial.

*Credits can be used towards print products such as prints, canvases and albums, and for digital collections.  
*Credits are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash