May 29, 2014
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Recently a 21-year old girl in my brother’s EMT course FREAKED because someone lost her pen. It was her lucky pen though, so that’s why. Also she is 21.

But actually? Like, IRL? Like, I totally get her. (that was said in my best teenager-hashtag-yolo-swag voice)

For the last couple years, my pen has been lost. And given the opportunity, I would probably also stomp my feet and yell and throw things for attention because when does that NOT make you feel better!? But instead, I kept the rage and tantrums suppressed along with all my creative juices. If you tapped into the side of my head it would probably produce a nasty green smoothie tasting of pent-up dreams with afternotes of despair and frustration.

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I’m so so SO excited to announce my makeover. I am now officially B e s p o k e  P h o t o g r a p h y!! I still like the name Melissa Danielle… It is my name after afterall and it’s lovely and stuff (I’m especially glad my parents didn’t go with ‘Molly’) but I just felt it was time for a change. A fresh start. The word ‘bespoke’ isn’t used very often nowadays (except for the odd Estelle song) which is part of it’s charm, in my opinion. Bespeak means to suggest a feeling or emotion through an image and… welp, that basically wraps up what I do in a soft taco.

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Initially I was only going to attempt to improve my old blog and website by adding shiny glittery new things but there was this tiny voice in the back of my head being all like “nuh-uh gurl, do not wear that! You just got your hair did and you is goin out in that fly new dress, do not wear those Crocs. You see those holes? That’s where your dignity will leak out”. So I went ahead and bought some Louboutins. And can I just say, this has been the most fun investment in my business to date. So why not embark on this journey with me and see where these new shoes take us? Was that cheesy? That was cheesy. My bad.

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