So guess what guys. You are here, and here is the corner… go around it… BAM there’s Christmas! (Cat emoji doing home alone face) And that means that now is the time to be thinking about your h o l i d a y  c a r d s! That is, unless you’re like me and reserve approximately 3-4 minutes of your holiday season for making one of those automated online greeting cards, then maybe post it on Instagram. But no one should be like me. Ever.

These guys were the super-est of troopers. It was cold and windy and Annisen was sick but they still got their capes out, tied ’em on and killed it! The girls had a complete ball and I got to capture it. And they were so good and obedient… even when my requests were odd.
Mackenzie: Why are we hanging yarn balls in a tree? Me: Because all the cool kids are doing it, haven’t you heard? Mackenzie: <skeptical eyes>

And a huge thanks to the swell folk at Rare Earth Tree Farm for letting us use your beautiful property!

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