I always feel at a slight disadvantage when it comes to booking clients for newborn and maternity sessions because I’m not a mother. I’ve never had children and I know my life would be very different right now if I did. But I have never appreciated more that immediate bond and connection there is between a mother and her new baby and it was good for me to realize again that it doesn’t take being a mother to see and appreciate and capture this.

I’ve had the privilege of capturing a couple newborn sessions lately that has just sent my heart soaring. I loved this session so much because this family is special to me. This mama of, now, three boys is the older sister of my childhood best friend. I remember going to their house and doing little girl things; but look at us now, all grown up and doing “big girl things”. This woman has turned out to be the most caring and attentive and loving mama out there, with a little bit of wonder woman thrown in for good measure. (Did I mention she cooked me a gourmet lunch when I came to do the shoot?)

I imagine those first days are a dizzying ride of euphoric baby-love and a disorienting overthrow of everything normal. The weird upheaval of interrupted sleep, feeding schedules and mountains of laundry. But if you even notice that your shirt is on inside out, it doesn’t matter. Newborns have this way of narrowing your field of vision to only their perfect sweetness, and all you see is pure, distilled everything-is-alright-with-the-universe, swaddled love.  That’s what I got to capture on this day and this is why I love my job.

Also, photographing babies in places they don’t belong makes me more giddy than it should. I mean, a baby on a piano? Who doesn’t want a baby on top of their piano??

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