May 07, 2014
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I love these two faces with all my heart.

I love this shoot with any left over parts of my heart.

I love lake time. This year we spent our lake time at a neighbouring cabin because ours is still under construction. But I fell in love with that cabin. It was cute and quaint and surrounded by little bridges that crossed over rushing streams… and FULL of antique goodness just waiting to be photographed. Welcome to Dreamland; population, me.

I love the smell of the lake water when you jump in. I loved jumping in the lake halfway through this shoot because I was hot and because I could.

I love that I can still smell lake and campfire again somehow just looking through these photos.

I love that in some of these photos Amy has twigs in her hair and sand in her eyelashes.

I loved how chill this shoot was and how real they were. (probably because we share blood and in-law blood, but still)

I love that Ann got to be a part of this shoot and I love how hard it was to get a photo with her looking forward because she knew I was behind her and shelovesmesoobewwymuchohyesshedoes. (That was puppy for ‘we have a thing’)

I love these images because they capture the essence of a major portion of things I love. They also make me want to seriously consider moving to the cabin and switching to aquatic photography.

Untitled-1IMG_956IMG_9553Untitled-3bIMG_9532That awkward moment when someone suggests drawing initials in the sand… and you all laugh at the idea cuz pfff…like, ya right!… and then you do it.Untitled-4bIMG_9574IMG_9587Untitled-5IMG_9603Untitled-2IMG_9591Even though it appears as though Jeff is cupping Amy and I’m pretty sure this is the look of  “can we please be done now” all over his face or maybe just visions of caramel rolls dancing in his head but regardless, I absolutely love this photo of Amy. She is beautiful on the inside and out and I feel like her gentle kind beauty almost emanates from this image. It’s like the saying goes though, the photo doesn’t do her justice. (winky face)IMG_9671