On my way back from Ontario last month, I stopped in at the
Johnson Farm and photographed this beautiful family.
I’m not very articulate so I’m not sure I will be able to put into
words what this session was for me, but I’ll try.

Laurie Ann has been a huge inspiration to me for a while now-
she is part of the reason I got into photography 6 years ago.
Her work is and has always been top notch; current, compelling and real.
So to be able to photograph her and her family was a huge pleasure,
but 100% totally and completely daunting as well.
Every session is proceeded with nerves of course,
but this one… well, this one was different.

As soon as I arrived and we started out
to explore their property, Laurie and Andrew
put me completely at ease while we talked photography.
I got to know the girls a little better as they
told stories of their day and fed snacks to Indy.
By the time we started photographing it didn’t even feel like
a photo session anymore; just a fun summer day-
playing on the bales, paddling the boat around the lake,
visiting the cattle, the horses and the chickens…
I loved watching Brielle, Maya and Desta playing with Indy,
showing her things that are still new in her little world,
capturing the connections between them.

We capped the night off with a delicious
(and 100% farm-to-table) meal in their kitchen.
I even got to witness as ‘family photos’ was
crossed off the summer bucket list wall!

Time is such a trickster and that day more than ever
I was aware again of how hard it is to pin down.
But going through these photos now I see again how they trace
the outline of lives and loves and journeys that
are always shifting and changing.
And I’m honoured to be able to help even a little
to arrest time; to collect these moments like lightning bugs in a jar.

Thank you L + A for trusting me. xo

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