Have I told you lately how much I love you?
That’s, if you are a relaxed, at-home engagement session.
And if you also come with a hedgehog? I won’t say no.

Justin and Nikki’s Saturday morning, at-home session
could not have been more perfect.
When a photographer invades your space
it can take a while for some to let their guard down.
To allow themselves to be open, unguarded, their truest selves.
Despite a camera focused on them.
But N + J were naturals.

It was so gratifying to capture the simple things.
Making breakfast together… fruit loops and eggs + toast.
Cutting the crusts off the toast because Nikki likes
it that way so now Justin does it too.
Lounging lazily on the couch drinking tea,
talking about everything and nothing at all.
Jumping on the bed like there’s
no such thing as jobs and mortgages.
And the laughter! Constant and unending.
These two have such an incredibly sweet + genuine
love for each other, and I’m so glad I got to photograph it.

(you thought I was kidding about the hedgehog, didn’t you.)