When Stephanie won my Instagram giveaway last February,
I was beyond excited to meet, get to know and photograph this incredible woman.
S is the mother to 7 beautiful children.
Yes, s e v e n. No, I don’t know where she keeps her cape.
So when this free session turned into a wedding booking, I was even more
over the moon, knowing that I would have the chance to
get to know her big happy family too!

Kelvin and Stephanie’s day was exactly as I had envisioned…
organized (and joyful) chaos.
I mean, how can there not be an element of crazy surrounding a house full of eight kids!?
I arrived to a few of Stephanie’s amazing little helpers outside setting up the back-yard venue,
while inside, last-minuted wedding decorations were being made,
a toddler was sleeping on the couch,
girls were getting their hair curled and boys were getting into little tuxes,
while some disney princess movie played in the background.
It was perfect.

After a serene back-yard ceremony then photos with their horses, (happy face)
we headed up the road to the mundare campground for the
most delicious country style summer cookout.
Everything about this wedding was genuine, relaxed and joyful.
S + K- it was a huge privilege to be a part of your day!
Wishing you many more years together in your crowded + happy nest. xo

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location // ukraina park campground
bride’s shoes // lammle’s
hair // 171 willow lane salon
bridesmaid’s dresses // modcloth
groom’s attire // lammle’s
cupcakes // kirsten’s kakery
caterers // the pour house cafe
dj – scott brook