Old gutted warehouses: uniformly loved by photographers and squatters alike.

The open space, 16 foot ceilings and large north-facing windows made this particular building- what was once a laundry facility- an absolute joy to shoot in! Apart from the fact that the space was un-heated, making it most likely only a couple degrees warmer than it was outside. And it was a cold day in Saskatoon. No, like insanely cold. On a scale of 1 to diabolically frigid, it was the notch just after diabolically frigid, which isn’t even a number on the scale. It’s just the skull emoji.

However, regardless of the less than ideal weather, Kyle and Lindee were amazing and their enthusiasm was SO appreciated. Lindee brought out her gorgeous Mori Lee gown again and the cutest Miz Mooz shoes. What was even cuter was watching Lindee struggle to get those shoes onto what were probably close to numb feet, amidst yards of tule and ruffles. It reminded me a little of this video. ;)

 Kyle and Lindee: Thanks for being so amazing. (And for looking equally as amazing) And a big thank you to Michelle at Saskatoon In Bloom for the beautiful bouquet.

I am madly in love with this collection…