Welcome back summer!  Meet Lauren and Lucas!
How’s it feel to shine your hot summer
sunshine on these two cool cats?

We did Lauren and Lucas’s engagement shoot
on a classic Canadian summer day.
Down by the river where the grey haired fishermen were
set up in their camp chairs with plans to go nowhere soon,
we dug our toes into the cool sand and
then rinsed in the placid waters.

Being a Saturday, we also checked out our local 104th St Farmer’s Market.
L+L sipped on mint watermelonades, perused the vendors
and stocked up on veggies for that evening’s caesars.

I will say this, a classy, dressed up couple in a casual setting like a marketplace,
gets a LOT of notice and attention!
It didn’t hurt that these two look like they
just stepped out of the Vogue July issue,
wandering the market, caressing nectarines.
Ok… I can see where that might be a little out of the ordinary.

I’m so excited for you both to marry each other next year,
with your toes in the sand and the your friends and family encircling you.


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