Meet Meagan + Matt

These two ridiculously good-looking people
have the biggest smiles, and the biggest hearts.
They are kind and open-hearted, and although
they were a bit nervous about being photographed,
it didn’t take long for their impossibly
bright spark to ignite and take over.
From there, I just let my camera do the work.

It truly felt like I had known these two for years
when we met for the first time a few weeks ago.
That may have been because of the déjà-view I had when
learning that, like my own brother and sis-in-law,
Meagan is planning a wedding while in med-school.
Not only that, but seeing the same doting attention
in Matt that is also in my brother.

And also eerily similar, these guys too have known each other
since they were young and basically have grown up together.
They used to walk home from junior high and high school together.
(cue the ‘awwwwwwww?’s)
I saw a glimpse of how they have shaped each other
and grown in unison but while still becoming their own person.
So warm + refreshing to be around people like that.

And have I mentioned how much I love when clients have location ideas of their own?
You don’t get to med school in life without attention to details,
so it should not be a surprise that they had already scoped out
some locations for our shoot in the downtown area where they live.
They could not have picked more awesome and unique spots.

M + M- you were an absolute blast to work with and I hope
our friendship only grows from here. xo

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