Oct 18, 2014

I got to photograph this sweet family a couple weeks back. Zach, Nina and Bailey are a soon-to-be family of 4 (yay!!) and they wanted to capture this time in their lives. Albeit just as good if not better, a family of 4+ is simply different than a family of 3.

If you’re wondering how I know this it’s because I was what was supposed to be the end of a family of 3. I clearly remember advising my parents to stop after me but they didn’t listen. Unless by stop they thought I meant ATTACK with three younger brothers!! (I did not mean that)

It was so much fun watching Bailey open up and go from this shy little girl to completely carefree and joyful, giggling the most contagious little giggle. I loved watching her play with her dad (who she calls by his first name because that’s what she hears Nina call him and I think it’s the cutest thing ever) and seeing the adoration and admiration in her eyes.. you can tell he’s already her #1 hero.

Thank you Paul family for letting me into this time in your life… I look forward to meeting #4!!!  xo

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