It’s taken me a while but I’m finally starting to warm up to winter. Haha. Ha. See what I did there? Because winter is cold.. and I said I’m starting to warm up to it… haha. Ha. …  Welp, moving on.

I’m not a huge fan of cold climates. So what better place to live than in one of the coldest climates in the world, am I right!? However, days like this one, where the snow falls softly and the air doesn’t feel like a million daggers in your soul, I kinda love this place.

And I was SO pumped that this engagement session fell on the same day! These guys are adorbs. Travis is obviously head of heels for this gal. If letter jackets were still a thing, Caila would be wearing his all over town. And I can see why… Caila has such a fun and playful personality and it shone all throughout the session. It was slightly chilly and even more slightly wet… Ok, a lot more slightly wet (girls:forget about curls in snow… that only works in movies) but she threw on a toque and smiled away.

We wrapped up the session at one of my fave cafés, Leva. I stayed long enough to get free pastries but left before I started to creep. (who wouldn’t want me along on their intimate romantic candle-lit date!?)

Side note: Letter jackets should be a thing again.

Congrats to you two lovebirds xo

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