And so… the adventure begins.

Meet: Weston Miles.

In March of 2014, I photographed
Alicia and Kevin’s wedding,
so it was awesome to be able to
do a follow up 2 and half years later,
and document the first stages of
life as a family of three.

Weston was, no exaggeration, the easiest
baby I’ve photographed to date.
We had limited time (which is never good
for a newborn session) however,
this little cutie delivered like a pro.

Ten days old remains to be my favourite
stage to capture newborns.
They are so easy to shape and mould,
like I don’t even know how limbs can bend that way!
I guess after doing 9 months of yoga in the womb,
that makes you pretty flexible.

Congratulations A + K!
Relish in these moments…
I hear they don’t last forever.

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